ELOCOIN, monetizing Bitcoin profits in your daily life

Elo Finance
2 min readOct 29, 2021



● ELOCOIN brings perpetual income and traditional finance to DeFi ecosystems.
● ELOCOIN opens its private initial sale registration on its official website.
● ELO DAO will become a real monetization gateway for Bitcoin and crypto
asset savers.

Elocoin presents its ICO on elo.finance, a future Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which will revolutionize traditional finances by integrating them with DeFi and by offering its users real world services and investment opportunities through NFTs.

ELOCOIN, a token that provides periodic returns based on the PERPETUAL fund returns, aims to disruptively innovate the blockchain, being like a publicly traded company whose valuation can be calculated by PER. As a consequence, ELO can be very attractive to distinct players in the Financial Markets. Moreover, profits are distributed by repurchasing ELOCOINs and redistributing them to holders according to their share, for a double positive impact.

DAOs, providing services, products and solutions in the real world, with decentralized and transparent models of Governance and dividend, will take social and human coordination to another level” says Carlos Navarro, President of ELODAO Assotiation. “ELO DAO has everything it needs to succeed in this financial revolution: a solid roadmap, a great team full of expertise and the support of the community”

Debuting on the Binance SmartChain, the maximum issuance amount of ELOCOIN will be 210,000,000, 35% of which will be held as the UNDERLYING value of the perpetual fund. The latter will be managed as a performance fund which interacts with different secure DeFi protocols, and will be used to provide returns to holders.
The DeFi sector has grown explosively in the last 15 months, marking today as the best time to enrich the Defi ecosystem with the new features ELOCOIN will offer.
The development of a DAO as the central pillar of the project, will reach its greatest appeal when it will enable users to STAKE ELO for SERVICES, and will offer them a platform for obtaining Tangible Crypto Assets.

Said NFTs, which entitle holders to services, would be mined by staking ELO and would be redeemable for digital services, health insurance or a family cruise trip, for example.

Crypto assets, likewise, will essentially be focused tokenizing Real Estate projects, Business Fundraising, Energy projects and Company Stocks.



Elo Finance

ELOCOIN (ELO) is born aiming to be a limited, utility and governance token which can work as a means to obtain tangible incomes and services in real life.