ELOCOIN Bringing PERPETUAL income and Traditional Finance to DeFi Environments

Elo Finance
3 min readJun 17, 2021


What is ELOCOIN?

ELOCOIN (ELO) is born aiming to be a limited, utility and governance token which can work as a means to obtain tangible incomes and services in real life, while keeping its features as a token.

This is possible thanks to the PERPETUAL COINS which will be kept as liquidity within the ELODAO protocol itself, thus keeping an intangible value for the tokens which will not be sold, but instead will be used on yield farming whitout impermanent losses through existing platforms and protocols, in order to get profit out of them to be distributed back among the ELO holders.

The PERPETUAL coins are the underlying asset and main innovation of ELOCOIN. They will serve the Community to perform YIELD-FARMING in a passive and autocompunding form, when ultimate ownership over ELO is guaranteed.

They will make up for 35% of the total maximum supply of ELOCOIN in constant proportion, and are not transmittable to any holder, temporaly or otherwise, nor negociated for sale or exposed to impermanent losses.

#1. ELO distribution and flow

ELOCOIN is a sustainable economic system, born to work autonomously on a set of preprogrammed rules, and coordinated through a consensus protocol on a distributed system.

Elo DAO Ecosystem

ELOCOIN is intended to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the ultimate barrier in human coordination. ELO DAO Ecosystem will be defined by a set of governance rules about Decentralized Finances, which will be able to manage all three great axis of ELOCOIN productivity model.

ELOCOIN HOLDERS will actively define and develop by making decisions about liquidity, Dapp development, dividends share model or any kind of proposal about the Ecosystem itself.


Tangible and intangible economics will merge within this Ecosystem, where ELO holders will be able to take part in investments by means of NFT-Services and Tangible Cryptoassets.

Staking ELO for NFT Services

ELOCOIN will be the first token in history counting with staking pools that allow its users to mine real life services. These will be delivered in the form of NFT and the issuance there of certifies a service commitment by ELOCOIN and its future partners, always ultimately covered by ELOCOIN’s treasury.

Let’s take as an example: You can begin staking ELO, the reward consisting on a comprehensive car insurance policy for a year, covering a license plate number, and issued in a decentralized fashion.

Or a user staking ELO could get one month of premium spotify service, RIOT points, medical insurance policies or a family cruise trip, depending on amount and/or duration of said staking.

ELO tangible IDO launchads

ELO·DAO will promote the creation of tangible and intangible crypto assets through real business projects with an IDO launchpad. Users will participate in projects of their choice, being rewarded, in exchange, with said crypto assets backed by real-world shares of the project, obtaining, thus, the right to vote and to collect dividends thanks to its possession.

  • Real State
  • Business fundraising
  • Energy
  • Company stocks
  • Others
#3. Example of a tangible cryptoasset

Team and next step

ELO TEAM brings together EXPERIENCE and YOUTH. We are a team of international recognized businessmans and professionals with decades of work on finances and technology R&D, with a part of new generation of youngs that are commited with the DeFi future and put the initial vision and motivation for the born of the project.

Now we are presenting ELOCOIN to different DEXs to realize as soon as possible our IDO, or in otherwise, we would try to do a private ICO.

For more information, visit our web page or read our whitepaper.



Elo Finance

ELOCOIN (ELO) is born aiming to be a limited, utility and governance token which can work as a means to obtain tangible incomes and services in real life.