The disruptive potential of tokenization in different industries
and to interconnect businesses

Elo Finance
2 min readDec 12, 2021
Ilustration #1 ELOPEDIA: IEDO Launcher resume

Faced with the evolution of blockchain-based businesses we can say that tokenization is the gasoline of them, where property or rights can be issued, exchanged, sold, bought and represented at any time, disruptively innovating in the methods of possession, transfer of value and financing of companies.

Property, used to having it centrally recorded in the public registry, now takes the place of the blockchain and decentralized models, not to say that… now everything is more public and global than ever.
For the first time in the history of the economy, it is possible to represent and transfer value without an intermediary who stands as a voucher of the value itself or guarantor of the process, thanks to blockchain and tokens. It is the network of participants itself that recognizes the value and guarantees the transfer, which makes tokens the direct way to monetize the effects of the network. As a result, it seems that we are witnessing more than the construction of the token economy in the digital world or the tokenization of the economy itself. Everything can be tokenized: from DAOs, to a company’s capital, to cash, real estate, traditional financial products or physical or intangible assets.

The decentralization and user control inherent in the technology enables new business models and accommodates new players in pre-existing ecosystems.

Projects related to tokenization have the greatest capacity to transform industries, which are already completely redefining sectors as diverse as learning and the real estate market. When we talk about “tokenization”, we often talk about energy, fuel or money, but we can also “tokenize” networks, infrastructures or customer relations. In any case, these types of projects have in common the creation of new markets, either by generating new assets that did not exist before or by creating secondary markets that take advantage of the inefficiencies or inelasticities of the TradFi markets.

As much as we try to typify tokens, there are as many kinds of them as business models we are capable of inventing.

ELO DAO will promote, through its “Initial ELO DAO Offering” (IEDO) launcher, TradFi companies that make the leap to this DeFi environment, incorporating traditional economy companies to the DAO model, thus interconnecting Tokenization models with different industries and businesses.

ELOCOIN, the business coin, will be used to access these offers and NFTservices.



Elo Finance

ELOCOIN (ELO) is born aiming to be a limited, utility and governance token which can work as a means to obtain tangible incomes and services in real life.