ELO Metaverse: The chessboard for DAO business

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4 min readDec 14, 2021


The term metaverse was first used in the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson” in 1992, where humans using avatars interact with each other in a three-dimensional space mirroring the real world.

While other technology companies design their metaverse oriented to the social world, games, interoperability… the ELO metaverse will be a meeting point for all DAOs (developers, employees and customers). The first piece of this chessboard will be the ELO DAO TOWER (ELO512).

Figure #1: ELO Metaverse: The chessboard for DAO business, startups and services

ELO512 will be located in the ELO Metaverse, although in the not too distant future, ELO512 will be a REAL tower funded and organized as a DAO by our IEDO launchpad, built in the city chosen by the Community.

Figure #2. Example of cryptoassets — ELOCOIN Whitepaper — May 2021.

ELO512 and the ELO metaverse

ELO512 is the new “World DAO Center” of DAO’s, aiming to bring the value chain of DAO’s together with the users of those new DAO COMPANIES, by expanding them beyond traditional finance. Within ELO512, DAOs can be headquartered, interact with the Community, providing and receiving services easily and securely.

The ELO DAO TOWER, will be 512 meters (1640 feet) tall, with 100 storeys (plus 7 underground), will feature state-of-the-art services for residents and visitors to enable the development of the ELO Community.

Below, we describe the ELO metaverse and ELO512 as a preview of how areas in the ELO universe are set, from top to bottom:

1. DAO floors (Storeys 52nd to 100th).

DAOs will be hosted between 52nd and 100th storeys, getting upper levels according to a rating system. There will also be shared floors for early stages of development, and others exclusive for those of greater trajectory and consideration, according to the rating system, in which the community also participates.

2. IED Shuttle (51st Storey)

The headquarters of the “Initial ELO DAO Offering” (IEDO) launchpad is located on the 51st storey. Here, companies transitioning from the traditional economy to the DAO model, as well as new DAOs, will enjoy multiple services from the moment of INCUBATION to their IEDO launch.

3. Meta Factory (Storeys 41st to 50th)

Research, innovation and development workgroups for ELO512 and the ELO metaverse, forming up a leading business hub in the metaverse, from both the public and private fields, can be hosted here, where they will be able to improve ELO512 and its Community, collectively contributing to the development of new products and services.

4. Loans and “Digital pawnshops” (Storeys 38th to 40th)

Exchanges and digital services, specializing in crypto collateralized loans with an exclusive tailored service never offered so far, enabling liquidity to all players in the metaverse.

5. World Priority (26th to 30th Floor)

Companies, corporations, institutions, projects, finance and other organizations, rooting for any cause which can only be fought globally, such as climate change, carbon footprint reduction, environmental sustainability and transformation to a world of DAOs and web3 entities.

6. Exchanges (Storeys 23rd to 25th)

Online platforms (CEXs and DEXs) performing cryptoasset exchanges, if they wish to provide services in ELO512.

7. Promoters (Storeys 17a to 23a)

Public Organizations, Technological Institutes, Business Associations as well as other Institutions or public or private entities who wish to develop their project in ELO512.

8. Financial Services (Storeys 5ª to 16ª)

Banks, Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, Investment Banking, Public and Private Investors, Credit Platforms, ETF’s and similar who wish to be installed in ELO512.

9. DAO Communities (Storeys 3ª to 4ª)

DeFi Communities based at ELO512, who wish to enjoy the information, training and entertainment provided within the metaverse. It has a cafeteria and meeting rooms for the convenience of visitors.

10. Welcome ELO (Storeys 1st to Floor 2nd)

Customer service, welcome area, identification and processing of applications to join ELO512, Specialized Press Rooms and permanent exhibition room.

A. The basement of ELO512 (Storeys S-1st to S-7th)

The underground chambers (7 levels) can host tangible and intangible assets, which will enhance the security of market values, collections, tokens and other valuable items.

The actual building, equipped with an anti-seismic model and built with anti-radiation materials will be physically isolated against industrial-espionage-led radio waves, featuring traceability through the blockchain, providing security to both the use, visit, and participation in the main activities, which are held 24 hours a day x 7 days a week.

Figure #3: ELODAO Logo

Our headquarters will be located on the 2nd storey of ELO512, from where we will be able to attend and welcome our community in each of the preset locations (starting from our beta version).

B. Parking — Mall “ELODAO SHOPING”.

Non CO2-emitting parking, as only electric, low-speed, collective or individual vehicles will be allowed. The shopping mall “ELODAO SHOPPING” will enable residents and visitors to enjoy leisure environments, stores, cafes, kiosks and a set of services related to the ELO metaverse, always with special discounts and ELOCOIN exclusive services.

C. ELO WIRE Information System

ELO WIRE is the information giga-panel for the exchange of elements of interest to the entire ELO community, where the DAO value chain has the maximum efficiency and support in the development of activities and the opportunities provided from the metaverse to the real world.

The experience of belonging to the ELO community entails the values of service contribution, ethical and social commitments, the fight against climate change and responsible energy consumption, which will make the ELO512 collective a sustainable ecosystem in the metaverse and also in the real world.



Elo Finance

ELOCOIN (ELO) is born aiming to be a limited, utility and governance token which can work as a means to obtain tangible incomes and services in real life.